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How Effective Marketing Organizations Work

Learn how to increase performance, optimize resources & generate measurable results

New Orleans | October 18-21, 2015 | The Hyatt

The Marketing Operations & Technology Summit

At the intersection of the business of marketing and technology, this is a unique opportunity to meet your peers: those who lead marketing transformation.

What makes the Marketing Operations & Technology Summit unique?

Attendees are vetted and the majority of the conference is behind closed doors for an open discussion between peers. You can ask the questions you've always wanted to ask without fear or without being pitched - Sponsors stay outside.

This event is for individuals who control or influence multi-million dollar enterprise marketing budgets.

Keynote presentations set the stage, but the real 'meat' of the conference is when people share their stories and lead group discussions. The focus is on actionable takeaways. This is your opportunity to set the agenda and determine what discussions are most important to you.

The value goes beyond the event itself. The Marketing Operations and Technology Summit is designed to create a community that lasts throughout your career.

Mots conference Chair

Welcome to the first Marketing Operations & Technology Summit! At last a venue that paints a vision of the future and provides a roadmap to help us get there. It’s been a long time coming.

Marketing is expected to be the driver of growth and change that results in greater corporate profitability. Yet, when marketing organizations are pressured to sacrifice long-term success for short-term quarterly results, everyone suffers.

The implications for marketing organizations:

  • Short CMO tenure.
  • A tactical focus.
  • Failure to effectively build long-term capacity and scale for growth.
  • Slashed budgets and headcount due to marketing’s inability to demonstrate sustained value.
  • Reduced scope, influence, and impact.

The implications for marketers:

  • Constant stress from having to perform a mind-boggling breadth of skills, only a few of which you’ve truly mastered.
  • Fancy titles with little or no resources or support staff to get the job done (individual contributor directors and VPs: we feel your pain).
  • A career in marketing that feels like repeat episodes of Survivor – fun and exciting at first; overwhelming and exhausting after that.

There is a path to greater agility, alignment and accountability….

Marketing Operations helps corporations get more out of marketing and helps marketers have more fulfilling careers. An operational discipline and change management approach to the marketing function will literally transform how you are viewed internally and how you see yourself.


  • Leading or being part of a marketing organization that is positioned for sustained success through its proactive pursuit of operational excellence, best-practice performance, and a commitment to measurement and accountability.
  • The heightened sense of achievement that comes from being able to tackle “the rest of your job” with the same level of confidence and mastery as you do when applying your core competencies.
  • Marketing being fun again (or finally being fun).

Enterprises get the very best out of their marketing investment by embracing Marketing Operations. It enables marketing organizations to leverage strategy, guidance, process, metrics and technology to create an agile, aligned and accountable marketing organization – one that operates as a value center.

This is our opportunity. Let’s build the marketing organization of tomorrow – starting today.

All the best,
Gary M. Katz
Chair, Marketing Operations & Technology Summit