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How Effective Marketing Organizations Work

Learn how to increase performance, optimize resources & generate measurable results

New Orleans | October 18-21, 2015 | The Hyatt

The Marketing Operations & Technology Summit

At the intersection of the business of marketing and technology, this is a unique opportunity to meet your peers: those who lead marketing transformation.

What makes the Marketing Operations & Technology Summit unique?

Attendees are vetted and the majority of the conference is behind closed doors for an open discussion between peers. You can ask the questions you've always wanted to ask without fear or without being pitched - Sponsors stay outside.

This event is for individuals who control or influence multi-million dollar enterprise marketing budgets.

Keynote presentations set the stage, but the real 'meat' of the conference is when people share their stories and lead group discussions. The focus is on actionable takeaways. This is your opportunity to set the agenda and determine what discussions are most important to you.

The value goes beyond the event itself. The Marketing Operations and Technology Summit is designed to create a community that lasts throughout your career.

Mots conference Chair

Will the real Marketing Operations please stand up?

It’s kind of like the joke about the 10 consultants in a room who recommend 10 different ways to change a light bulb.

I’ve been at the forefront of trying to define the marketing operations discipline for the past 10 years, only to discover that its definition and scope vary across industry, company maturity, C-suite priority and CMO whim.

Yet we need to look past the differences to collaboratively build a foundation of commonality if we want our profession to achieve its potential. It’s not just about us. Today’s enterprise needs more from its marketing leadership than ever before, and consequently, CMOs count on marketing operations to be the enablers of efficient resource management and scale, alignment across the business, clout in the C-suite and impact in the market.

That’s why venues like the Marketing Operations & Technology Summit are so important. We need a place to do this work together, peer-to-peer. We need to be enlightened and inspired by the successes (and failures) of companies who are taking a similar journey, even if the path, scenery or inhabitants look different. We need to get a more holistic and systemic view of what’s possible now and down the road as our marketing operations team and charter evolves.

We recognize there are a few places to learn about marketing operations, so what makes the Marketing Operations & Technology Summit different?

  • No death by PowerPoint: Only four presentations with minimal, if any, slides, each delivered by C-level executives
  • No sponsors in the working sessions: Marketing ops practitioners work together peer-to-peer without being subjected to consultant pitches or “happy” customers touting their vendor’s incredible marketing technology
  • No gurus or experts: Participants in the working sessions are equals. The sessions are guided by co-facilitators that set context leveraging relevant experience and then turn it over to the attendees to dialogue together
  • Attendee breakouts: Each day, time is allocated for attendees to break out into special interest groups to dive deeper into topics inspired by the sessions
  • Balanced strategy & practical application: This summit is for leaders. It’s about big picture and actionability. It’s about what do differently now and how to prepare for what’s around the corner

That’s the last pitch you’re going to get from me. It’s all about you from this point forward. Join us in New Orleans. Give yourself the gift of being part of what’s next in marketing operations.

See you October 18-21!

All the best,
Gary M. Katz
Chair, Marketing Operations & Technology Summit

2015 New Orleans Speakers